Willis Law Firm

The Willis Law Firm, founded in 1985, specializes in Personal Injury law, including auto, motorcycle, medical malpractice, products liability, slip and fall, premises security, carbon monoxide poisoning, as well as other general tort (civil wrongs and damages) litigation.

At the Willis Law Firm, every attempt is made to protect the rights of those suffering as a result of auto accidents, medical negligence and product liability.  The clients interests are always in mind.

- Jeffrey H. Willis, Esq.


Highly Experienced

Tampa attorney Jeffrey Willis has over years of distinguished, successful litigation and negotiation experience.  He is supported by a top notch professional staff who assist in planning, preparing and personalizing your visits.


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Client Commitment

Above and beyond our diligent legal work, we pledge a duty of loyalty and confidentiality to our clients as we work to protect their best interests.  You're never a number here... You will always be given one-on-one personal attention from Mr. Willis and will be able to speak with him by phone or in person as often as necessary.